Overview of Karameikos

Karameikos, a very young kingdom in a very old land, lies on the southern coast of the continent of Brun on the planet Mystara, in a region its inhabitants call the Known World. As kingdoms go, it is a small one. A rider on a fast horse can travel from Karameikos’s capital, Mirros, to its westernmost settlement at Fort Doom in a day, to its easternmost village of Rugalov in a day and a half, and to King’s Road Keep in the Altan Tepes Mountains to the north in two days. Yet within its boundaries any group of enthusiastic heroes can find enough adventure,danger, treachery, and excitement to satisfy them.

In many ways Karameikos still exists as a frontier nation cut out of an ancient wilderness. Uninhabited forest covers a great majority of the kingdom – uninhabited, that is, by humans. A population of elves, humanoids, and monstrous creatures thrive within its borders. Further, these wildlands cover the ruins of ancient kingdoms and buried cities, the lairs of fell beasts.

Humans have always lived in the land now called Karameikos. The earliest known people, the Traldar, were a traditional, rural folk. (Evidence exists indicating the presence of an even more ancient civilization, now lost, of people who called themselves the Nithians. However, few present-day folk are aware of the Nithians, so the history texts do not include them.) The descendants of the Traldar, the Traladarans, were conquered over 100 years ago by their neighbor, the empire of Thyatis.

Karameikos has had but a single ruler, King Stefan I. Stefan was originally the Grand Duke of Karameikos, ruling in the name of the Thyatian Emperor. Stefan I declared Karameikos an independent state seven years ago. He seeks to unite the native Traladarans and now-exiled Thyatians into a single unified nation, taking the best of both groups to forge one identity for all. Traditionalists in both camps resist him, which often makes the Royal Court of Karameikos as dangerous as the wildlands.

Mirros, the capital of the nation, is the sole major community in Karameikos and houses the royal court. This vibrant, new city strains at the seams with refugees from other war-torn regions. It is also the home of competing thieves’ guilds, secret plots, and hidden dangers. The most civilized star in the Karameikan crown can be as deadly to the unwary as the smallest village crouched in the shadow of marauding orcs.

This, then, is Karameikos – a dark, forested kingdom on the frontier; a nation torn by its own origins; a country built upon the ruins of lost empires, a land of secrets, danger, and treachery – a Kingdom of Adventure.

Overview of Karameikos

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